Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week in Review - Spring Break

Last week was the kids spring break. The kids got to spend a few days at Camp Nana-Gran.

Hollon loved dancing to my dad playing some kind of horn

And dressing up like Little Red Riding Hood

They played on playgrounds

Watched movies in bed

Gave tap dance performances

Had nerf gun fights in the pool house

Basically, it was an awesome week of fun. No wonder the kids cry when they have to come home. And a HUGE thank you to my parents for letting them stay a few days so Rob & I could work!

We got the kids back Wednesday night and Thursday went over to the Bushes for the day.
Hollon and "her kitty"

And her puppy Bruiser 
It was raining when we got home, so of course that means put on your rain boots and jump in the puddles

Jake put together one of his lego pieces from Christmas

On Friday, I took the kids to Let's Play for an end of spring break treat
Initially not sure about this merry go round
Let's Play has an awesome toddler's area that is perfect for Hollon. She can easily manage the play area and I can just sit and watch. She had a ball. For 5 minutes. And then she wanted to play on the big kids area. Jake had already met 47 new best friends that he was off playing with. I wasn't going to pull him away and make him help Hollon. The big kids area is 3 stories high and way too many mazes for Hollon to handle by herself. So I got to spend the afternoon following her, hunched over climbing through this huge play maze, trying to avoid getting ran over by 10-year-olds. Wasn't my ideal afternoon of fun, but she had a blast, and that is what mattered.

After some of the boys left, Jake joined us and wanted to help Hollon. I gladly let him.

She finally warmed up to the merry go round

Huge slide that she and Jake went on

Great afternoon of fun!

It was a beautiful day, so when we got home, we hung out on the patio

Getting a little pep talk from dad

Saturday morning we had baseball practice

Hollon got restless, so we went to the park for a little while

After practice, we headed to Atlanta to see my sister and to attend Mae Stanley's baptism. I took WAY TOO MANY pictures, so that event needs its own post (coming soon).

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