Friday, April 7, 2017

Mae Stanley Baptism

After Jake's baseball practice Saturday, we headed over to Atlanta. My brother's family (minus my SIL Leigh Ann who had to work) and my parents were in Atlanta as well. So we all met up that evening for dinner. A little crazy? Absolutely. 
Somehow, the guys all got their own table, and my mom, sister and I  go the table with all the kids
Typical Hollon pout

 After dinner we all got ice cream

Mae Stanley - the quietest one out of the bunch
After dinner & ice cream we went by my sister's for a little while
Nana holding sweet Mae Stanley

Gran & Woody working on a drawing
Our crazy crew! 
(I cannot believe in less than 60 days, we will be taking this crazy bunch to Disney!?!?!?!)
Woody (4.5), Gaines (3), Mae Stanley (5 mths), Marrell (8), Hollon (2.5), Maddox (12) & Jake (8)
Hollon was trying to hold Mae Stanley's hand

Sweet little cousins - Hollon & Mae Stanley

Gaines & Hollon playing a little game (which started out as playing and then ended in fighting over it).

Then they started fighting over the camera, and that was our cue to leave. Funny story - at one point earlier, I told Hollon if she couldn't be sweet, we'd have to leave. She said, "okay, let's go". Then Gaines looked up at me and said "it is time for you to leave". Gotta love the honesty of toddlers.

Sunday morning, we were all at Lindsey's church for Mae Stanley's baptism.

Afterwards, Lindsey hosted everyone for brunch at her house. I wanted to get a good picture (HA!) of the kids before food and meltdowns happened. Unfortunately, MS was sleeping. But I at least got a few shots of the oldest kids.

Of course Lindsey had everything looking amazing

Me praying my kids did not drag out every toy before guests could even arrive



Gaines & Maddox

Oh Jake. Can you not take a normal picture?!?!

Mae Stanley woke up and my mom & I got to dress her while Lindsey finished up some things. I snapped a few pictures before we took her out. She looked like a baby doll.

Marrell & Jake enjoying the food

Gaines enjoyed the chocolate 

My cousin Becky holding her first granddaughter & my mom and MS

Oh Hollon

Hollon & Marrell playing
Hollon wanted to "hold the baby". Which basically means Hollon wants to sit beside MS and touch her hands or feet

Hollon trying to place her hand like MS

And Hollon ruining a good picture by picking her nose

Now that everyone was awake and most guests had left, I tried for my shot of all 7. 
(And mostly because of my children. Hollon was DONE and Jake kept making weird faces.)

Maybe it would help if Nana & Gran joined in?

Not really

And now a ton of pictures of this precious baby doll. Because at this point, she was the only one cooperating for pictures. But she was the guest of honor anyway, so she should be the one with the most pictures! 

Mae Stanley & Nana

Mae Stanley and her other grandmother, Mimi

Gran with his 2 youngest granddaughters

We love you Mae Stanley!!

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