Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week in Review - Cousins Come to Baseball & MS Walk

Hollon insists on taking no less than 100 things with her for nap time. So her crib ends up looking like a garbage pile. 

Up from our nap and ready to enjoy an afternoon outside with beautiful weather
Funny story about her rainboots.... Hollon has a pink pair of Hunter rainboots that are about too small. I was going to buy her a navy pair next (we have majorly gotten our money's worth!). Well, my sister had a navy pair that her boys had outgrown, so we decided to trade (Mae Stanley could wear Hollon's old pink ones once she was old enough & Hollon could wear her boys old navy ones). So last time we saw Lindsey, she gave me the boots and I had just had them sitting in Hollon's closet. Hollon sees them and FREAKS out. She was crying. She was stomping around. She threw the boots in the hallway. She said "I do not like them. They boy boots. I wear pink boots." Ugh. I was thinking, thank goodness I didn't buy a navy pair, because what a waste! Hollon would not let me put those boots back in her closet. So I put them off to the side, to give back to my sister. Well, this day she finds them again. She has now decided that she loves them. She said they were beautiful. WHAT?!?!?!?  She was ready to burn them yesterday and today she loves them. Life with a toddler. 😱  

Hollon riding her scooter. I love how she says "oh goodness!"

She loves the bat & ball, but swings the bat like it is a golf club

And then she found an old baton and gave twirling a try

First baton injury 😉

Jake was riding his bike while Hollon was trying out all these different activities

Ready for school on Tuesday

Every day, I have to delete 30 pictures off Jake's camera that Hollon has taken that morning. And all 30 pictures are of nothing but her hand, because she always covers the lens with her fingers.
Tuesday, Jake has a baseball game and it was an exciting one, because not only were Nana & Gran coming, but they were bringing cousins Wooday & Gaines from Atlanta! (Woody and Gaines were spending their spring break with Nana & Gran. And yes, my parents have had 3 camps of spring break over a 3 week period. First week, they had my brother's girls during their spring break. Then the next week, they had my kids during their spring break. And last week, they had my sister's oldest 2 kids, for their spring break. If being a grandparent had an all star team, my parents would definitely be on it. And so would my in-laws. Basically, we hit the jackpot of all jackpots when it comes to amazing grandparents!) But back to the day! Jake was excited for Woody to see him play, because this is Woody's first year to play baseball. Jake loves feeling like Woody looks up to him.

Gaines & Hollon? Not interested in the game at all.

Thank you Nana & Gran and Woody & Gaines for coming!!

And this was Hollon's face as they walked away. She didn't understand why she couldn't go with them.

Thankfully, some friends from another team walked up with their baby and that helped distract Hollon. She loves Maddie and likes to play peek-a-boo with her.

Once Hollon lost interest in the baby, she decided to go play with the boys (Jake & his friends)

Oh my goodness, Hollon and that stupid comb that she pretends is a toothbrush. Why do toddlers do such weird things?

Doc McStuffins is in

She told me she wanted to wear her glasses on her head like mommy

We cleaned out a bunch of Jake's old movies. We kept some of the ones we thought Hollon might enjoy. One of the ones was Winnie the Pooh. She has watched it everyday in the car and loves it. But she calls it "Winnie the Poop".

Again with the stupid toothbrush comb. I'm trying to just ignore her doing it, so she'll stop.
She wanted me to take pictures of her singing, so every picture has her mouth open!

This is the 'stomp your feet' verse from If You Are Happy And You Know It

There is a Toys r Us brochure that Hollon LOVES. It has a Barbie on the front, so she calls it her Barbie book. Before nap & bedtime, every day for the last 2 weeks, we've read the "Barbie book". (How do you read a 4-page toy catalog you ask? We basically name each toy and Hollon gives the same comment about each one each time.) The Barbie book is one of the 100 toys she insists on taking with her, when she goes to sleep. Well, on this day, she did this....

Jake had another game Friday night. Guess who came to this one?? Cousin Jackson! He was spending the last part of his spring break with Mimi & Granddad, so he was able to come see Jake play.

Saturday morning, we had a MS (Multiple Sclerosis) walk at Regions Park downtown. Robbie's mom has MS, so she volunteers with the walk and we love walking in her honor. We were not able to last year, but we did the year before. MS can be such a unpredictable & mean disease, but Judy fights it like a champ. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I admire Judy's fight. She is more active, than most people without MS her age. She is brave, she is a fighter, she is determined, she is strong, she is absolutely amazing. It was an honor for us, to walk in honor of her.  

Comparison pictures from 2 years ago

Our group

After the walk we played on the playground

Jake got to meet some ghost-busters 

And run around

We all went out to eat for lunch afterwards and then Robbie, Hollon and I left to go run some errands. At one place, they had these brick columns. Hollon kept standing in between them saying "take my picture!". 

Outfit made by Mimi

That afternoon, our neighbors kids were over playing. Merrin and Hollon are finally getting better at sharing with each other and lately always try to "help" each other out. Here, Merrin is feeding Hollon her drink.

The little girls had a dance party that night

Sunday afternoon, we had some friends over to watch the end of the Masters. 

Hollon trying to help Merrin up

The "girl" table

The "boy" table

It was a jam packed, but awesome week!

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