Monday, April 3, 2017

Week in Review - ER & Sibling Love

Jake had a game Monday night 2 weeks ago. Hollon thought she was big stuff sitting with the "older" girls.

And, this was the night that Jake got hit in the face by the ball and we ended up at Children's ER until midnight. (all about that {here})

Tuesday, we kept Jake out of school and Hollon was still at the Bush's

We were back in our normal routine Wednesday

That afternoon, we were at our next door neighbor's house for a little pool time (aka - put on your swimsuit and play with a bucket of water and water gun)

Sweet tough little boy

And spunky sassy (sometimes sweet) little sister

Ready for Thursday
(Note: This is one of Hollon's absolute favorite dresses. It is pink. It has pockets. It is short. It is a size 18-24M, so it is a tad too small, but I will keep it as long as I can fit her into it, because on mornings she is completely melting down over clothes, it is the one thing I can pull out to satisfy her. Now, I just have to find a summer version of it, because this one is long sleeves and corduroy. #willnotworkinAlabamasummer)


Last year I bought Hollon a water table. She never played with it. She is completely content with a bucket, pitcher and cup. 

Brave brother working on getting back in the game
(Note: Mama was not very keen on this. But dad assured mom that the longer Jake waited to get back out there, the harder it would be for him to get over being scared.)

Our sweet neighbors dropped off a little get-well-soon lego set for Jake. He loved putting it together!

Right now, his lego table is covered with legos that he needs to put back together. So he wanted to build this new one at the kitchen table, so he'd have more room. Problem is, sister then thinks that is an open invitation to join him and help.
Please excuse Hollon's lack of clothes. This was after dinner right before bath time.

He is completely zoning her out

It's FRIDAY!! 
(And yes, this is the same dress she wore to Jake's game Monday night and no it has not been washed. In my defense, she was only at the game 3 innings. She was throwing a fit to wear "ice cream dress" and I was too tired to argue.)
Crying, trying to get into brother's room so she can get his camera

I caved. We just have to sneak it back before brother gets home.

The pearls were also an absolute necessity according to Hollon

It had been such a rough week, I picked up some snack trays as treats for the kids and we had our afternoon snack outside

Our kids and the neighbor's kids

Saturday.... it rained

Her babies were misbehaving before church on Sunday

Sunday after lunch photos = FAIL

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