Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day of School

So Jake had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. This post is going to be full of boring stuff that will not interest most. But it is all of the stuff that I want to remember about his first day of real school. Drop off went fine. On the first day, they let you walk the Kindergartners into the school foyer, and then a teacher would take them to their class. Jake & I had talked about what was going to happen & he told me he was a little nervous. He asked me if I would find a song he liked on the radio. When I walked him into school, he was clinching my hand and his eyes were big. A school bus had just dropped off, so there were kids everywhere. Jake didn't get upset, he just looked overwhelmed. Thankfully a teacher was gathering all of the kindergartners and was going to help them get to their classrooms. Jake grabbed her hand. I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug & told him I'd pick him up that afternoon. He mumbled okay. I was proud of him, he didn't cry or ask me not to leave. I had to just leave him there looking around, overwhelmed. Suddenly, he looked like my little 2-year-old. It was everything I could do not to pick him up, throw him in the car and head back home. But I knew he would be fine. 

I expected carpool pick up to be a mess, especially the first few days, but holy moly. I was there 20 minutes before the carpool students were released, and I was pretty pleased with my position in line. Finally an hour later, Jake was actually in my car. Rob asked if I left the car running the entire hour. Um, I'm 9 months pregnant and its in the 90's mid-August. What do you think? Once I finally got Jake, I was excited to hear about his day.

He gave his typical, one sentence response. "It was good." That was it. So I had to ask 1,000 questions, to find out what all happened. He said that he really like it and he really liked his teacher. He got a sticker for being a good listener. He said that he played with the other kids, but he couldn't remember their names. He was disappointed that they didn't get to go outside and play on a playground. He liked that the teacher read them a book about animals that go to Kindergarten and were scared. He said his favorite thing about the day was playing a game with colors. I asked him if he wanted to go back the next day, and he said yes. It will be interesting to see what that response is in another month! 

The funniest thing he said was he told me that they had to go to a place called the lunchroom to eat lunch. He said "Mommy, there were kids that didn't have a lunchbox. They had to go in a little room and get pizza & milk and put it on a tray. What happened to their lunchboxes?". I had to explain to him that not all kids bring their lunch, some kids buy lunch from the school. I asked him if he ever wanted to buy his lunch from the school. He said maybe. As long as he didn't have to eat salad or broccoli. In preschool, you always sent their lunch and they ate it in their classroom. I didn't think about the lunchroom and buying lunch being a whole new experience for him. I'm not sure if I trust him yet to just pick out his own food for lunch. I can only imagine what all he would pick out. I'm taking baby steps in letting go of my control! Maybe next month we can try buying lunch from the school. Don't even ask when I will feel comfortable enough to let him ride the bus. (Please refer to the post from 2 days ago where I stated that I was the crazy one and Robbie was the stable one.)  

Token first day of school pictures. I guess I've ruined Jake by taking so many pictures of him since he was born. He completely will not cooperate anymore for pictures. He either wants to make a silly face or has some goofy expression on his face. Just take a look at these photo winners below.

The best one out of the bunch

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