Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gaines Baptism

Gaines (my sister's youngest) had his baptism this past Sunday. It seems like it was just last year that we were in Atlanta for big brother's baptism (here). Oh, wait, we were! That's what happens when brothers are 20 months apart! These 2 little boys are precious, and I always look forward to spending time with them. 

Since Robbie wasn't going to be able to attend with us on Sunday, my parents stopped by Auburn & picked us up on their way to Atlanta on Saturday. Saturday night, we all went over to my sister's house for supper and to watch the beginning of the Alabama game.
3 wild little boys
Jake loves being the older big boy to his younger 2 cousins

My sister hanging out with Hollon

Gaines was excited to play with Hollon

Hollon was not so sure of all of this

Mama Marrell holding Hollon

The 6 grandkids
Marrell (6), Gaines (8 months), Maddox (10), Hollon (2 months), Jake (5.5) & Woody (2)

Getting a picture of these 6 is not easy

I can't wait for Maddox to babysit Hollon
She actually got Hollon to sleep

The 3 boys

The 3 girls

Destroying Aunt Lindsey's house
Around halftime, we went back to the hotel to get the kids in bed and to finish watching the game. The kids & I were sharing a room with my parents. Jake & Hollon were asleep and my mom was back & forth between sleeping & watching the rest of the game. My dad & I were wide awake though, pacing, watching the Alabama game. It has been so long since I've watched a game with him. It was one of my favorite memories of the weekend. And I may or may not have held my sleeping infant for an hour while standing in one particular spot in the room, because it seemed to bring the team good luck.

On Sunday, we all attended sweet Gaines baptism. 
Hollon was super excited
And then she passed out

Afterwards, our cousin Becky hosted a reception at her house.
Woody especially loved sticking his leg through the cornhorn game that they had setup for the kids

I had to take Hollon out of the church service, and by the time I saw Jake afterwards,
my dad had already let him loose the blazer & tie.

Gaines & Gran
The guest of honor!
Gaines is seriously the happiest baby on the planet. In this picture, he had not had a nap, not eaten and had been passed around to about 100 different people. He was laying his head on my sister's shoulder, he was so tired and it looked so sweet. I went to snap a picture of it, and as soon as he heard the camera, he popped his head up and gave a perfect smile. This baby is so good, he might be a robot. I've signed him up to mentor his high maintenance little cousin.  
Happiest baby on the block
Our family!
(minus Robbie)
Not sure what Marrell & Jake were doing in the picture
But it is a miracle that 13 people (6 that are kids!) are all looking at the camera

Guess which child is completely over all of this?

Gran, Marrell & Jake finding trouble to get into

The Harvard family
This was such an amazing & fun weekend. I loved being with all of our family. I loved seeing the 6 grandchild all be together for the first time. And I loved celebrating sweet Gaines. 

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