Monday, October 16, 2017

Hollon's 3rd Birthday Party

Back in September, we had Hollon's 3rd birthday party. It was the Saturday after my dad's surgery, so I decided to scale back a lot of my planned decorations. Then I completely forgot to print the pictures for her photo banner and photo frames. She of course could have cared less. We set up the inflatable pool, bounce house and just let the kids run around crazy. And that is what makes it a perfect 3-year-old birthday party. 

The birthday girl

Cousin Gaines

Cousin Marrell & Brother Jake

Precious baby cousin Mae Stanley

Hollon and one of her besties from school, Christopher

She put her hands in her mouth the entire time we sang Happy Birthday

These are Hollon's 2 best friends from school. They have been together since Nana's 1 year old class. This is their 3rd year to be together and they both live in our neighborhood.
Christopher, Hollon & Jack

Merrin & Hollon

Thank you to all of the kids that came and helped Hollon celebrate such a special birthday!

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