Friday, October 20, 2017

3 Weeks Rolled into 1 Recap - First Pitch, First Roll, Grandparents Breakfast

A few things to recap, but mostly just Hollon's morning pictures. 

Showing me her new "trick"

After dance on Tuesday, Jake's team was playing the late game.So we had about an hour between dance ending and when Jake had to be at the field. So we went for the first half of the 3rd graders football game. We have lots of friends on the team and cheerleaders, so we wanted to stop by and show our support. Hollon LOVED watching the cheerleaders. She even got her picture made with our favorite cheerleader Baker. 

 At the baseball game that night. We had come from dance, so I just took off her tights and threw a skirt on her. She was still dancing. 

Watching "brover" play baseball

After 5.2 seconds of being somewhat interested in the game, she moved on to her Barbies. Here she is giving them makeovers. 

Wednesday, we finally had no activities right after school, so I let Jake work on a crystal set he got for Christmas last year.

This was the last gift MawMaw gave him before passing away. Jake is somewhat obsessed with MawMaw's passing, so he told me he wanted me to film him giving MawMaw a "shoutout".

Hollon has to have a prop every morning. This morning, it was the jump rope.

In our game Thursday night, we were loosing badly. Jake has been dying to pitch, but has only practiced pitching with his team once. Rob was of town so I was having to text him updates after every inning or if Jake did something. During the last inning of the game, the coach decides to put Jake in. I sent Robbie about 25 wide-eyed emojis and let him know that Jake was going in to pitch. 

Jake actually did okay. My only video is of him throwing is 2 very obvious balls, but he actually did throw a few strikes and even struck out 2 batters (thankfully they swung at very bad balls!).
After the game, Jake said it was the greatest day of his life. He also said he was so nervous pitching in front of such a huge crowd.There were about 25 people there ;)

It was a big week for the Bush kids. Jake finally got to pitch in a game and Hollon finally figured out how to do a front roll on her own.

 Monday, week 2 was picture day at school

On Tuesday, Hollon kept trying to convince me that she needed to take her porcelain tea set in the car with her to school

Um, no.

A little singing Wednesday morning

Show your belly Thursday

This is the pose I get when it is finally Friday

Ready for a new week at school

Hollon loves this scooter. Problem is, she only loves it if you push her on it.

Mad I won't come push her

It is ridiculous that it is mid-October and still hot enough to play outside in a swimsuit (in a makeshift cooler pool)

On this morning, Hollon kept wanting me to take her picture with different Peppa Pig accessories. In this one, it was the bunk bed. 

And the kids sleeping in the bunk bed

Thursday morning, Jake's school had breakfast with grandparents day for the 3rd graders. Gran is still recovering, so we missed Nana & Gran, but were super happy that Mimi & Granddad could attend! They were leaving for the beach that day, but still came so they could eat with Jake. What precious grandparents he has!!

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