Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hollon Family Christmas

We headed down to Prattville on Saturday to celebrate Christmas with my family over the weekend. 

Sweet (when sleeping) Hollon taking a nap on the way down

Hollon & Gaines
Oh these two....

Please look at the side eye Hollon gives Gaines when he walks away

There were lots of snowball fights

Nana & Gran with their SEVEN grandchildren

Getting ready to open gifts

Mae Stanley was not interested

Marrell wrapped up empty wrapping paper rolls as swords for Gran to fight with

Gran is always the best sport

Hollon got her first Peppa Pig toy and she is obsessed

And evidently, Gaines likes Peppa too

Hollon is the WORST sharer. Poor cousins.
Gran & Jake talking about fight battles

Marrell & Jake

I am hoping that one day, Hollon & Gaines will be as close as Marrell & Jake are

After Peppa Pig, Hollon was just as obsessed with holding Mae Stanley. She kept insisting that she hold "her baby".

Poor MS, Hollon is "hugging" her

And here, she is pointing out all of Mae Stanley's facial features. Like her nose.

MS is like "Does anyone realize that a two-year-old is holding me? Is anyone going to save me?!?!"
We finally got MS moved to a chair, so Hollon could look at her without almost dropping her
MS is thinking "please stay away"

Hollon trying to hold her hand

When you are 10 weeks old and have fan girls
Everyone is just in complete love with sweet little Mae Stanley
And.... back to fighting

It is just as loud and chaotic as this picture looks
On Sunday, we were having the Hollon extended family Christmas
Gran holding his youngest 2 granddaughters

It looks like a sweet picture. But in reality, Hollon is telling to go away.

Jake & Woody
This is what I get when I ask Jake to smile for a picture

Nana & Mae Stanley

Gran & Hollon
Hollon was very pleased once MS was out of Gran's lap. As I said, she is not a good sharer.
Sweet little Mae Stanley. She would basically just let us all pass her around and hold her. She never cried (other than her very concerned look when Hollon was holding her). 

Snowball fights moved to the back porch

Maddox & Gaines
Hollon trying to get in on the action

Hollon & Marrell
Our cousin's son Deacon was there. Deacon is about 3 months younger than Gaines and Hollon is about 3 months younger than Deacon.

All of Maw-Maw's 10 great grandchildren (+ #11 on the way)

MS, Nana & Marrell
Opening their gifts from Maw-Maw

Mom showing Maw-Maw the book I made for her from her 5 grandchildren. We all pooled together our old pictures of us with Maw-Maw and wrote stories about our favorite memories with her.

The older girls painting their nails. (Thankfully Hollon didn't notice them out there, because she would have crashed it in a heartbeat. She loves fingernail polish and thinks she is 13.)

Maw-Maw with all her crazy grandchildren!
Isabella & Maddox (12), Marrell, Jake & Jackson (8), Woody (4), Gaines, Deacon & Hollon (2), Mae Stanley (10 wks)
It was an amazing weekend with so many funny moments and sweet memories. Once we got back to Birmingham that night, the kids had a blast playing with all of their toys. In the picture below, Hollon is introducing Peppa to baby Jesus.

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