Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Showers

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My baby sister, Lindsey is pregnant with her first child & due in July. We are just SO excited for her & Brooks! I'm especially ready for the baby to come so we can find out if they are having a boy or a girl!! And I'm sure Lindsey is ready because she is tired of me asking 1) why are they not finding out the sex; 2) are they really sure they don't want to find out the sex; & 3) are they sad that so far nothing is monogrammed or blue or pink. Here answers are always yes, yes & no. While it has been hard on someone like me who likes everything to be monogrammed & gender colored, I have to admit, it will definitely be more exciting of a surprise once the baby has come! Lindsey has done awesome during the pregnancy & I'm so proud of her. I cannot wait to spoil this little baby rotten. I was 7 when Lindsey was born & I felt like she completely cramped my style. Plus I had to share a room with her. It always seemed like we were in different places in our lives. When she was a toddler, I was already in school. When she was in elementary school, I was in high school. When she was in high school, I was just getting out of college. We did both marry within 3 months of each other, but then Rob & I got pregnant right away, so I only had 9 months of being a newlywed with her before I became a mom. But now, finally, we are in the same place! We have become closer & closer over the years and I love her dearly with all of my heart. Lindsey has one of the kindest souls I've ever met and many times I've wished that I could be kinder & softer like her. I cannot wait to meet little surprise gender Harvard & get to know his/her sweet little personality (& buy that kid some blue or pink!!).

On to the pictures... Usually it doesn't matter to me if someone finds out the gender, because I procrastinate & don't get around to giving the gift until after the baby is born. That way I know the gender & name. Since I know neither on this one, coming up with gifts was an adventure. Needless to say, they got lots of gray & white and the letter H! 
Diaper Cake. It's been so long since I've made one. I forgot how much I love them!

Both Lindsey & Brooks graduated from the University of Alabama, so of course I had to throw in some elephants.
I gave her a box that included some of my favorite things - Medela Steam Bags, Zipper Sleep & Plays, Disposable Changing Pads & a Miracle Blanket (BEST swaddling blanket ever!)

My hardest project - a hospital door hanger. I saw all these cute ones online made out of burlap, so I figured of course I can make that. Much harder than I thought. It also was a challenge considering they don't know the sex, so the name cannot be confirmed until they find out the sex. So I made everything changeable. The sign hanging down from the carriage is blue on one side & says the boy's name and is pink on the other side & says the girl's name. I didn't know if Lindsey had told everyone the names yet, so that is why it is wrapped in white tissue paper! The 3rd sign just lists the details about the birth. Now my fingers are just crossed that it doesn't completely fall apart after 5 minutes of hanging on a door!

The shower!! Lindsey had a baby shower hosted by her friends in Atlanta. So my mom, sister-in-law Leigh Ann & I drove over to Atlanta Saturday morning. It was so much fun getting to meet her friends. They have a close friendship and I'm so happy that she has found such great friends.
Me, Lindsey & Leigh Ann
The girls - Leigh Ann, my mom, Lindsey & me
Lindsey with just a few of her many gifts

Lindsey with her hostesses
 Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Sunday, I had the privilege of helping host a shower for one of our friends that tailgates with us, Katherine. She is having a little girl! Finally, after 7 boys, someone is having a little girl! She will be due in July and we cannot wait to meet her this fall!
The menu cards
It's A Girl! Banner

Melanie did the shower favors. Aren't they cute?!? It was lemonade powder in little jars. I will definitely be stealing that cute idea!

The hostesses. On the far left is Katherine's sister-in-law. The rest of us all tailgate together with our families every fall in Auburn. Me, Melanie, Katherine, Tricia & Summer.
So, what were my guys doing while I was getting to attend these baby showers? They enjoyed a little guys bonding time. Which included limited clothing, no baths, lots of sweat, and a ton of playing outside.
Robbie taught Jake how to cheers.
Just watching a little TV in the garage

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