Sunday, July 28, 2013

Woody's 1st Birthday

Over the weekend, we celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday party. Happy Birthday Woody! We had so much fun and Jake has so been looking forward to this trip. My sister & brother-in-law just moved to a new house a few weeks ago, so things have been super crazy for them. I knew the last thing on her mind would be making decorations for the party. So I offered to make the decorations as my gift to Woody. She agreed, told me the theme & colors she wanted to use and then I went to town! We went over to Atlanta Friday night, so we could help them setup Saturday morning. 
It's my birthday party today!!
Cousins playing (Jake looks very amused)

Sweet Cousins
After breakfast & setup, it was time for the party to begin!
My party is starting!!

Jake & Woody

July 2012

July 2013

Is there seriously anything cuter than a baby in a bubble?

Woody & his best friend Burke

Yea! The other cousins arrive!

Lindsey & a little guest
(how sweet are those cheeks?!?!)

So the older kids decided it would be a good idea to play in the backyard.
Please remember how much it has rained the last few weeks.
It wasn't a good idea.

And neither was this.
We finally convinced them to come inside.
Which in doing so, they tracked mud all through the house.

Nana & the birthday boy

Not amused by the crown

Singing Happy Birthday to Woody


Hey, why did you take that cupcake away from me?

While they were signing Happy Birthday, Jake & Marrell were dancing

Woody (1), Marrell (almost 5), Jake (4.5) & Maddox (9)

They all fought over who got to hold Woody
Now, on to the decorations.....

Lindsey actually drew this. I was pretty impressed!

Happy 1st Birthday Party Woody!
We loved getting to celebrate you & all of the sweet things that you add to our family.

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