Thursday, December 29, 2011

Week leading up to Christmas...

Christmas Decor
One of the fun things about moving into a new house is finding the new places to decorate. I don't go overboard, but I do love a few & simple little Christmas decorations.
Front of our house
We kept it simple, just a few wreaths on the windows

We did not have close to enough ornaments to decorate the tree (the backside is completely bare). This tree was much bigger than what we've had in the past because we had more room. Add on top of that that when I opened the box, half of our ornaments were broken (completely our fault, when I packed them up 2 years ago, I wasn't packing them for a move). So it just looked a little sparse. I was too cheap to go buy more because I knew they would be on sale the week after Christmas.
Christmas Cards... LOVE!!

Jake loves the Little People nativity scene. I highly recommend it.

Jake is funny, one of the wise men is carrying what looks like a vase of gold. Jake thinks that it is a bottle for baby Jesus. He kept telling Jesus to drink his milk. He also gave all of the people their fair share of time on top of the manger where the angel is supposed to go.

Christmas Projects
A.K.A... things that take me twice as long as I think they will & twice as much money had I not just purchased them from the store.
The wall college that I made (with Robbie's help cutting the wood) for my mom

These stocking holders were a little harder to make then they looked in the picture, but worth it. Thanks again Robbie for being my saw man.

I'm starting to learn to applique. I love it, I just don't have much time for it. Plus I'm very slow at it because I have no idea what I'm doing.
(Note to self - start working on Christmas projects in September! Not the week of Christmas.)

Christmas at the Bush's
Robbie's sister & her family were staying in Chattanooga Christmas weekend, so they decided to come down to Birmingham the weekend before Christmas so we could do the Bush Family Christmas.
Jake loves his cousin Jackson. They played & played all day long.
Christmas Dinner Setting
Just a few gifts...

Jake liked to open gifts once they were started. But he would get hung up wanting to play with whatever he just opened.

Jake's Granddad Jake & GG Kathy gave him a Leap Frog touch screen. It just so happens, that is what we gave Connor for his birthday. When we bought it for Connor, Jake LOVED it. He cried when we wrapped it. So when he opened his very own, he kept calling it Connor's. He still calls it Connor's toy.

During the Week
Jake's school had their Christmas party on Tuesday, and then let out early. He'll be home with me for 2 weeks. Usually I like working the week before & after Christmas because the office is quiet and I can get a lot done. The last 2 weeks have been anything but quiet at work and having Jake home all day has made it, well.... interesting. He has popped in on a few conference calls, sent a few blank emails. We have ventured out a little though...
We went to the neighborhood golf course clubhouse & saw Santa. I think Jake was nervous for the elf woman.
It rained that day, so I let him put on his rain boots & go outside & play

Mommy birthday gift idea for Jake - a raincoat that fits

I really meant to put this photo on his birthday update but forgot. I wanted to remember all of the items that he just HAS to sleep with. These are the regulars - Hippo pillow, Pig, Curious George, Llama Llama, Puppy, Puppy's Sister, Buzz, Woody & T-Rex. Since Christmas, we've also added a talking Mator. These are just the regulars. Each night, there are about 5 extra guests that get an invite. Usually its cars, but sometimes it is a magazine, a plane, his socks. He is very random. After he goes to sleep, I go in & remove half of it & put it at the foot of his bed. When he gets up in the morning, it's his daily challenge to see how many of the items from his bed he can carry to our bed. Robbie & I love it when talking Mator wakes us up at 5:00 AM telling us he passed gas. And Mator does not talk in an indoor voice.

Cousin Photo Shoot
I have so much respect for photographers. That is one thing I could never do. Unfortunately, I don't have my act enough together to actually arrange for someone to come take pictures, so I get stuck doing it at the last minute. I was trying to get some good shots of the kids for my mom's Christmas present.

Jake, Maddox & Marrell
Sweet cousins. (What was really happening - Maddox was choking Marrell & Jake. Marrell was crying & trying to get away.)

Playing ring around the rosy. (What was really happening - they just liked to fall on the ground. And they got completely dirty doing so.)
Looking for adventure. (What they were really doing - trying to get away from me from taking pictures.)

 Laughing. (What they were really doing - about to throw leaves on me.)
 Going for a walk. (What they were really doing - Maddox was bringing back Jake from trying to run away.)
 Hugs. (What they were really doing - hiding under the covers, fighting and then popping out.)

Fighting. (What they were really doing - fighting. Jake & my dad love to play fight.)
Nana & her munchkins
Zoo Lights
Friday night, Robbie & I, along with the Bush's took Jake to the zoo to see the safari lights. He was very interested until he saw the train ride by. After that, there was nothing he wanted to do except ride the train. We had a lot of fun though & he seemed to really enjoy it.

Looking at the lights
Jake with Granddad & Mimi

Finally... on the train!

When you walked in or out, they had snow falling. Jake was very intrigued.
Merry Christmas from the Bush's!

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