Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Week 5 - Baseball Camp & Big Girl Bed

On Sunday, June 25th, we changed Hollon's bed from a crib to a toddler bed. We hoped that having a "big girl" bed would help her go to bed easier and stay in bed. (Spoiler Alert... it didn't)

She did have fun playing in the crib sheet while Robbie worked.

She entertained us that afternoon with her singing and dancing

We played baby dolls. Hollon finally named one of her baby dolls (she usually just names them Baby). At first I didn't understand what she was saying, and then I realized she was calling her baby "Mae Stanley" (her baby cousin's name).

That evening, I let her take a bubble bath in my tub, to try to relax her and get her ready for her first night in the big girl bed (Spoiler alert... it didn't work)

 This photo is totally deceptive. She refused to sleep in the bed. She fell asleep on the sofa with us holding her and then we put her in the bed. She did stay in it for most of the night, so that was a win.

Ready for school
She is mad that I made her wear her keds tennis shoes to daycare

Hollon kept asking for her crib back, so I thought maybe putting her bumper pads back on, would comfort her. (Spoiler didn't)

Going extremely well......
We have now been in the big girl bed for 2 weeks now. The earliest she has gone to bed is 9:00 (her regular bedtime is 8) and she has yet to fall asleep in her bed without Robbie or I lying on the floor next to her bed. Once she is asleep, she is fine (for the most part). She has only gotten up once in the middle of the night and come to our bed. We just have to work on the going to bed part.

I love the way Hollon says "swimsuit" (swim-poo)

It has been the rainiest summer! Bring back the drought! (Just kidding) (Kind of)

These are the cutest sailor front shorts that I bought for Hollon at the end of last season. Unfortunately, they are wayyyyyy to long for her short little legs and they look like jorts! 
"These shorts are completely unflattering mom" -Hollon Bush
Jake spent the week with Mimi & Granddad and attended Samford's baseball camp each morning

He liked the dugout. He said it made him feel like professional baseball player. 

He also helped Granddad with some pressure-washing

I'm cleaning a bunch of videos off my phone, and I found some funny ones (to me)

Dancing to the Trolls movie

One afternoon our neighbors were over, and they were playing Doc McStuffins

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