Monday, August 15, 2016

Stone Mountain Vacation

Last year, my parents took the 3 older grandkids to Stone Mountain. They had an awesome time. But it was hard for my dad to try to manage the obstacle course with 3 little ones all by himself. So this year, they wanted to go back, but take the parents with them. We all got into town Friday night and walked over to see the laser show. 
Carving in the side of the mountain at night
Maddox, Jake & Marrell

Hollon was so tired. One of us should have just stayed back at the hotel with her. But we brought her with us. She feel asleep midway through the show. But once we got back to the hotel, she caught her 2nd wind. And we paid majorly for it that night!

The next morning, my sister and her family joined us. We had a mini birthday party for Woody (July birthday) and Maddox (early August birthday).
Gaines, Woody & Lindsey
Gran with Marrell, Hollon & Jake

Woody loved the gift we got him (the one Hollon had already opened once). Poor Woody couldn't even look at it without Hollon trying to take it.

Poor Woody staring intently at adults wondering why they are not stopping this crazy rude girl!
Stare down 

What's better than 2 kids fighting over a gift? 3 kids.

Lindsey's boys were such good sports and ended up letting Hollon win. Of course that wasn't fair, because it was Woody's gift, so I took it from Hollon and gave it to Woody. Which lead to a screaming tantrum from Hollon. It just goes to show that she would make a pretty bad big sister.

Ready to tackle Stone Mountain!

Carving during the day
Hollon wondering what all these crazys are up to

Nana & Gran with their 6 munchkins

Jake was in charge of the map, and took it very serious

First up was the obstacle course. The 3 older kids were doing that, each with a parent. We took the 3 younger kids to a kiddie one, right beside it.

Can I just comment on how awesome my sister looks? She is 7 months pregnant, WITH HER 3RD child (which will give her 3 kids under the age of 5) and she was out there in the scorching heat. I'm not even pregnant and I looked like a hot mess.   

Look who I found in line!

Meanwhile, Hollon & Gaines found a little sand and water area

Nana holding down the fort below

After lunch, we went on a train ride

Gaines, Marrell, Jake & Maddox

Nana & Woody

My brother Billy & his wife Leigh Ann
(Maddox & Marrell's parents)

Gran & Hollon
During the train ride, Hollon fell asleep with her head on the railing

Our whole crew!
From left to right:
My family (Robert, Emma, Jake (7), Hollon (2), my parents (Nana & Gran), my brother's family (Billy, Leigh Ann, Maddox (12), Marrell (7), and my sister's family (Lindsey, Brooks, Woody (4), Gaines (2) & Squeaks (due Oct))
After the train ride, my sister & her family headed back to their house in Atlanta, so her kids could take naps. The rest of us headed to another Stone Mountain activity.

While the older kids did the water activity, Hollon napped in her stroller.

Up after a 30 minute nap and cooling off with Marrell

The older kids climbed a rock wall

Maddox, Marrell & Jake with their souvenirs
(Jake's was a bag of rocks)

Hollon stole poor Marrell's souvenir. Do you notice a pattern? Basically if Hollon wants something, she takes it. #toddlerproblems

Cooling off with a fan

Last activity for the day! We rode the tram up to the top of the mountain.

Hollon, Nana & I waited inside the building at the top. Usually, I'm the one with all of the fears with the kids. But one of Rob's fears is the kids near anything that they could tumble over (like railings or side of mountains). Plus is was hot, Hollon was starting to melt down from only having a 30 minute nap, so I happily just waited with her inside.

We rode the tram back down (I tried to get a picture, but we were crammed in with 30 other people, so I was basically just taking pictures of the backs of people's shirts (#shortgirlproblems). 

We said our good-byes and then our family headed back to Birmingham. It was such a fun trip. Plus it was a mini-practice run, since we are all going to Disney together next spring! Everyone got along, we did stuff together, but also knew when to separate into smaller groups. We laughed, the kids played, we made so many great memories, and if Hollon would ever learn to share, then there would not have been any fights. It was an awesome trip spent with the people I love most.

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Lindsey said...

Yikes, my roots! (Luckily they have been done since then!) So fun to hang with you guys. Can't wait for the craziness of Disney!