Friday, February 23, 2018

February Recap - Mercedes Marathon, Vday & Attitude

Forget a weekly recap, since February is almost over, I figured I'd just do a month recap!

Some mornings getting Hollon dressed is a breeze. She'll wear whatever I hand her. Sometimes, she insists on getting choices. Then some mornings are just a nightmare. She'll pick out something, put it on, and then decide she wants to wear something else. We'll go through this several times until we are late for school, I'm annoyed and end up just making her wear whatever she has on. 

This was one of those mornings....
This was outfit #6 and she wanted to change again. I told her no, we were late, her room was now a mess with clothes everywhere and she was stuck with what she picked out. So this was her morning pose.
We still have not been able to get rid of this pose

Jake had a game Monday. He scored for the first time during a game! So proud of him and how much he has improved this season!

I had to leave afterwards and head to Chattanooga to work for the week. Hollon stayed with Mimi & Granddad.

I got back into town Friday and then Saturday was the Mercedes Marathon!

The PRES kids

Jake with Baker & Hannah

Jake & Riley

Jake & Turner

He did great!

Admiring brother's medal 

Afterwards, we met up with some friends that live downtown and had lunch. Their little boy is just a few weeks younger than Hollon.

Some days, this is all I get...

And then some mornings I get this....

She had her Tu-Th class Valentine's party this day

That night was pajama day at dance. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of her at dance, so I got a video of her once we got home.

Valentine's Day!!

Ready for her M-W-F class party

Playing with water while I baked the kids a special treat
I was so excited about these treats. They are a healthier alternative to pop tarts. Using fresh fruit for the filling and no processed ingredients. I used a heart cookie cutter to make them heart shaped and they even had a homemade icing on top. They used 4 different pans and took me way longer than they should have. 
And of course the kids hated them. [Insert eye roll emoji] 

Our regular season in basketball ended and we had a 6-2 record. And one of those games, we only lost by 1 point! We were seeded 3rd in the tournament (out of 12 teams). Our first game was Thursday night.
I love that they all pray before the game starts.

They had quite a little cheering squad 
And Hollon thought she was big stuff

It was such a close game the entire time!

Jake is #10
Unfortunately, it just wasn't our night, and we lost by 2. But having sweet friends there to cheer you on makes it a little less sad.

And then baseball started on Saturday. This was the only picture I took all weekend. Jake was sitting outside reading to Hollon.

This week, on Tuesday, Jake's school had their Jump Rope for Heart event. I went up there during his PE time to see him jump rope.

His jump roping got better after this video, but it is still hilarious.

We have been loving this awesome weather!

She's got her girls loaded up and took them for a ride

I made an obstacle course for the kids. First they had to ride their bike....

...then do hopscotch...

Note Shown: Hit a target with the nerf gun 3 times

...make 3 basketball goals...

Not Shown: Do 10 jumping jacks and do your best dance move

Jump rope 5 times

And finish off with some math equations 

Poor princesses! (They were not the target)

Here is a video of Jake starting the course

And one of Hollon

Ready for school! Accessory for this day was a purse.

Accessory for this day were some of the Disney princesses

She has decided that she doesn't do bows anymore. She now says she only wants to wear headbands.

Needless to say, the crown headband is one she picked out


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